Frutteto³ Natural 55 | 65 | 75 | 80.4


The perfect fusion between simplicity and specialized capability.

Embodying the experience of SAME in the specialist tractor sector, Frutteto3 Natural offers extraordinary scope for configuration to cater for every specific need. Boasting a modern design, simplicity, affordable pricing and sturdy construction, the Frutteto3 Natural is a tireless worker with impressible manoeuvrability.


SAME engines are specifically conceived and built to cater for the needs of modern agriculture, and Frutteto3 Natural tractors are available with 3 or 4 cylinder variants to offer the choice between greater agility and more pulling power, to find the perfect solution for your needs. These engines also feature an exclusive injection system with an individual injection pump for each cylinder for unparalleled reliability. HRT (Hydraulic Roller Tappets) technology uses hydraulic roller tappets to optimise injection timing management, eliminating the typical white smoke produced by diesel engines when starting in cold conditions and ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency even during the first few hours of use.

The aluminium radiator pack (engine coolant radiator, hydraulic oil radiator and intercooler) is compact and extremely quick and easy to clean, even when out in the field, while the 65 l fuel tank lets Frutteto3 Natural tractors keep on going long after a regular working day is over.


Simple, efficient and dependable: with perfectly spaced ratios for specialist tasks.

Frutteto3 Natural tractors offer extensive scope for configuring the transmission, with transmissions designed and built specifically to deliver superlative productivity yet be extraordinarily intuitive and simple to use. All transmission variants give the tractor a top speed of 40 km/h and feature a synchronized reverse shuttle offering the driver the same choice of ratios in both forward and reverse directions. Ideal weight distribution, impressive ground clearance and 100% lockable front and rear differentials make these tractors perfectly suited to all tasks, from the simplest to the most challenging, and contribute, together with the potent wet disc brakes on each wheel, to the class beating active safety of Frutteto3 Natural tractors, which offer superlative control and stability without requiring automatic engagement of dual traction when braking.

These tractors are also equipped as standard with the separate brake valve, selectable on the fly to let the driver choose use the brakes on the rear axle only, or even use the brakes on the rear wheels individually, to make headland manoeuvres even easier.


A comprehensive, high performance and simple to use hydraulic system – what more could you want?

With the Frutteto3 Natural, you'll never be short of hydraulic oil flow again, with a dual pump hydraulic system and 4-way (or optional 6-way) auxiliary distributors, while a dedicated pump for the hydraulic steering system ensures smooth steering action in all conditions. The hydraulic rear lift is controlled by a new SAC (Automatic Control Station) offering even greater precision and requiring even less effort to operate the control levers.

The STANDARD lift offers a maximum lift capacity (at the lower link ends) of 3050 kg, while the COMPACT version has a lift capacity of 2700 kg. The standard mechanically controlled ground speed PTO features an independent clutch and offers the standard 540 rpm and 540 ECO speed modes, as well as a “Syncro” mode, with speed synchronised with the ground speed of the tractor.


Frutteto3 Natural tractors offer a spacious, comfortable driver zone with a modern, intuitive and ergonomic layout for the controls and instruments. All the main controls are comfortable and easy to operate, colour coded for intuitive, error-free usage and offer unimpeded access to the driver and the unhindered freedom of movement needed when working in the field.

Specifically: the range and gear selector levers, hydraulic distributor control levers, mechanical differential lock pedal and hand throttle are situated to the right of the driver, while the ground speed PTO speed selector lever, front wheel drive on/off lever, the PTO clutch control lever and the parking brake are situated on the left. The instrumentation includes easy to read analogue dials providing information on the functions and status of the machine, as well as conventional warning lamps. And for total safety in the case of overturning, these tractors are equipped with a sturdy two-pillar front roll-bar, which folds down to facilitate manoeuvres in spaces with limited headroom and storage when the tractor is not in use.