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About Our Piggery Solutions

Specializing in the construction of modern Pig Farming systems across Ghana to meet all budgets

Agro Africa Ltd, has been at the forefront of promoting commercial Pig Farming by making it easy and affordable for the start up farmer and for existing farmers seeking to upgrade their technologies.

Our Pig Farming Solutions

We use the best materials in the construction of our farming housing systems, and supply leading edge pig farming technology, to ensure efficiency and profitability.

  • Land Preparation
  • Housing Construction
  • Supply of Breeding Stock
  • Sow Management
  • Pig Climate Control Systems
  • Pig House Lighting
  • Feeding Systems
  • Feed Storage
  • Piglet Rearing
  • Pig Finishing Systems
  • Slaughter & Storage
  • Solar Power Systems

Agro Africa Limited has the expertise to design and construct all kinds of pig housing systems and structures. Our design and solutions focus on reducing cost, making the farm management process an easy one, and to provide efficiency.


When a Sow delivers, it looses all its energy and cannot support itself naturally to provide the best of care to its piglets. By providing Sow management technology and structures in our design and construction, we enable a farmer to make the most of every litter thereby maximizing output.


The breeding stock for every farm is one of many critical factors to every farmer's success. Agro Africa undertakes a Piglet breeding programme through which we ensure that our farmers have only the highest yielding breed in terms of disease resistance, meat quality and meat to fat ratio.


We have capacity to provide and install slaughter and storage facilities to help farmers with the processing needs.

Agro Africa's sister company OPAGYA FOODS, is constructing a high capacity slaughter house and processing facility dedicated to pork and related products.


One of our core mandates is to directly transfer knowledge we have acquired on the job to the local farmer. We achieve this with regular training programmes through the communities where are operations are dominant.. Our training modules have included Tractor Operations and Management, Crop-Cycle Management, Modern Harvesting Techniques etc.

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