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Our Poultry Farming Solutions

Providing Modern Poultry Farm to Consumer Solutions

We leverage local and international knowledge and experience in locating the finest poultry systems from Europe, Middle East and Asia, and present them to our clients within the West African Region.

We provide appropriate technology including but not limited to Breeders, Incubators, Drinkers, Cold Storage, Ventilation, Heating, Slaughter facilites, Etc.

We provide innovative Farming Solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness


  • Site Preparation
  • Housing / Pen Construction
  • Supply of Day Old Chicks
  • Bird Management
  • Poultry Climate Control Systems
  • Poultry House Lighting
  • Feeding Systems
  • Feed Storage
  • Egg Collection Systems
  • Chicken Finishing Systems
  • Slaughter & Storage
  • Solar Power Systems

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