A cultivator used to prepare four or two row seed beds


Vibcom is a cultivator used to prepare four or two row seed beds (optional); it allows combining numerous agricultural processes to take place at once at a rapid pace. Prefers a process which has a low depth and concentrated without mixing the deep soil with four rowed vibrating legs version and it allows airing of the soil surface and heating before the seed planting.

Vibcom Advantages:

  • Prepares rapid seed beds at once
  • perfectly smooth area
  • ¬†working depth adjustment
  • Equally tall product
  • It is a machine that makes you save time and gain energy.
Spring Tines

Tines are imported and soil aeration is provided under the soil by vibration during weeding without harrowing.

Front and Rear Slide

Thanks to the ground harness in the front and rear, soil leveling is done.

Double Sided Blade

Blades connected onto the tine edges are manufactured specifically and they have a self-sharpening feature. Plowshare may be used bi-directionally.

Laminated and Tube Roller

It is used to break the clods and to smooth the soil for preparation of the planting bed.

Depth Mechanism

It is the mechanism that enables the paralysis of the legs in the work position.

Depth Setting Mechanism

It is a mechanism that allows manual adjustment of the different work depths of the legs.