Trailed Type Offset Disc Harrow with Hydraulic Lift LGD-B/LGD-N


Hydraulic lift trailed type disc harrow is a trailing type machine which is used to dissect plant residues (corn, sunflower, wheat etc.) and weed; and to break duff layer.

It prepares the field directly for planting by harrowless taming without using any other agricultural machine in dry seasons where ploughs can not enter after the harvest and it may be used to tame the soil including intensive humidity as well.

Model LGD type offset disc harrows prevents wind and water erosion while ploughing the stubble due to the movement with hydraulic system and having multidirectional movement capacity. It provides the wheel to move on field level by the axle mechanism on the wheel and thereby working depth may be adjusted efficiently.

Additional Guide Disc

There is an additional guide disc to close the furrow hole and prevents hole formation.

Grazing Adjusting Lever

It adjusts grazing of anterior and posterior disc group based on to the soil type.

Arrow Adjustment

The arrow may be adjusted via the holes on the arrow to prevent excessive power consumption for the tractor.

Working Depth

The work depth may be adjusted with the hydraulic lift on the crank equipment.


The scraper system present on each disc which prevents grass and soil sticking and cleans the disc.

Curve Adjusting Arm

It enables to adjust the disc group curving easily.

Curve Fixing

A Spring pin assembly which enables the disc group curving to be fixed during the operation.

Disc Bearing

Double ball bearing, double dust seals, ring manufactured from forged steel and long lasting bearing with double grease nipple.

Disc Pulleys

The pulley system which is manufactured from steel pipe and platina and breakage prevented.