Combined Grain and Pulse Drill HDM


Combined seed drill is a sowing machine that transfers the seed, pulses, feed grains and fertilizer to the seed bed opened by the discs continuously,thanks to the helical sheaves, with the requested quantity and depth with the help of levelling system. Thanks to its structure, the hopper prevents seed and fertilizer to accumulate and therefore, an efficient seeding is performed by protecting bearing with the dusting system using dry system double bearings on the discs and by automatic or hydraulic disc penetration setting, which is performed optionally, that allows easy planting of the seed or fertilizer into the requested depth and it is easy to clean thanks to its discharging levers on each hopper. Besides these standard features of our combined grain seeder, both three-point hitch and arrow system are its standard specifications. Thanks to these features, it is suitable for planting, seeding and operation with a tractor on all types of soil conditions.

Discharging Lever

It provides easy discharging of the seed after planting while allowing adjustment opportunity for the small and big grains by making valve adjustments with the help of lever positioned on the seed hoppers.

Disc Penetration Setting

The depth adjustment of discs is arranged by the setting on the hydraulic lift and work and destination position is taken with the help of hydraulic lifts without needing to get off the tractor.

Grading Lever Setting

Seed and fertilizer are arranged in the requested quantities easily with the help of lever system on every hopper.

Ball Lever

It prevents seed wastage on the rear and edges of the field by allowing the right and left disc groups of the seeder operate separately.

Shutter Housing Covers

It is made as standard in order to expand the row spacing of coarse grains like chickpea and beans.

Double Cover

There are double cover and seve which prevent the mixing of seed and fertilizer.

Fertilizer Discharge Lever

Valves are fully opened with the help of lever on the fertilizer hopper and allows easy discharge of fertilizer at the end of planting.

Single Pipe Sower Tine and Slide Chains

Increases efficiency on tempered and wet soils. Rear slide chains close the canal witch opened by the disc and thus, the seed top is covered.

Helical Gear

Various and continuous sowing can be performed with the machines thanks to the helical gears made of aluminium injection.