Pneumatic Seeder (Tine Shared) HVM-K


Pneumatic seeder is a machine that allows row spacing and over row sowing of all kinds of seeds (beet, corn, sunflower, cotton, onion, sweet melon, watermelon, groundnut etc) which need to be planted over row, with the desired quantity sensitively.

Pneumatic seeder is produced as 4, 5, 6 and 8 units. Upon request, fertilizer unit can be attached on the machine as two types, steel or plastic. Fertilizer tanks are in ?V? shape, have sieves and fertilizer discharge levers for easy cleaning after sowing.

Pneumatic seeder provides a sensitive sowing since it transfers the motion activity generated by the wheels, to the seeder units with the help of shaft allowing easy adjustment of over row distance.

Thanks to these specifications, it allows sowing on all kinds of soil conditions and dropping fertilizer and seed into the equal depth.

Over Row Distance Transmission

It ?s available with a manual shaft that allows easy adjustment of the over row seed distances.

Wheel Gear System

Easy changing of gears on the wheel is provided in order to arrange the over row distances of the seeds.

Disc Changing

Different types of discs are used for different seed types. They are designed to be changed quickly.

Unit Shaft System

A sensitive sowing is achieved with the help of shaft system on all units. Cancelation of unit can be performed by unmounting the pim, which is done by rotating the sleeve on the shaft system.

Unit Pressure and Locking System

The pressure of units can be easily increased with the help of springs. For unit cancelation, there is a locking system on every unit.

Marker Disc

There is a guide sheet providing that there is no unsowed space left between the lanes during coming and going along the field.

Sedder Tine (Chisel)

It increases efficiency on tempered and wet soils. The canal opened by the disc are closed by rear slide chains and top of the seed is covered.