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“Sometimes, power isn't everything. An agile and simple tractor like this was just what I needed.”


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A lightweight multi-role tractor

Essential, simple and intuitive, the Same is the ideal tractor for the small farmer, but also as an addition to complete the equipment pool of a medium to large-scale farm, where it will work alongside high power tractors.
The highly versatile, multi-role Same is available in a variety of 2 and 4 wheel drive models. With its short wheelbase and superlative agility and manoeuvrability, the Same is the right choice for light duty work in the open field, hay-making and cleaning cattle sheds.



Simple and tireless

Powered by the water cooled, naturally aspirated 3-cylinder SDF Tier I Series 1000 engine, the Same offers superior reliability matched with low running costs, reduced consumption and simplified maintenance. And with an injection system that delivers fuel to each individual cylinder at high pressure with very short injection times to minimise emissions, the Same also cares for the environment. The Same is equipped with an efficient and robust synchromesh mechanical transmission with 12 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds, giving the tractor a top speed of 30 Km/h, while the integral 4-wheel braking system ensures excellent active and passive safety.



Everything you need

While built to be simple, the Same still comes with all the essential features a tractor needs in terms of hydraulics and traction. It is equipped with a 33 l/min pump and 2 and 4 away auxiliary distributors, as well as a lift with an impressive 3,000 Kg load capacity, with floating and mixed position and draft control. To ensure maximum usability even at low engine speeds, the Same features an independent pump for the hydrostatic steering system, for light, smooth steering action at all times. But that's not all: to deliver maximum traction in all conditions, the front and rear differentials of the Same are 100% lockable, which, coupled with the ideal weight distribution and impressive ground clearance of this tractor, maximises productivity even when working with heavy implements.



Practical and functional 

In terms of comfort and safety, the platform of the Same features a 3-pillar roll bar and a seat with automatically adjusting suspension. Suspended pedals, ergonomic side levers and functionally laid out controls on the instrument panel make this simple but fully equipped tractor easy and intuitive to use.



"So easy to manoeuvre, it simplifies my work and life."

Explorer Special has been designed for the utmost comfort: all controls are side assembled, for simple, user-friendly manoeuvres.


Providing Farm to Profit Agro Solutions

We provide a wide range of Agricultural Mechanization products and solutions to the Ghanaian and West African markets. We provide appropriate technology through services and sale of equipment for Cultivation, Irrigation, Harvesting, Piggery, Poultry, Transport and Storage of Agro produce.


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